Flavorful Chicken Crepes formula with photographs of each step. For a long significant time-frame, I had been playing with this formula through testing. This dish was conceived when Alfredo sauce married French Crepe. I as a rule make these on lethargic Sundays when you wish to invest less energy in kitchen but then have yummy end of the week style nourishment. What’s more, on those days, I cook at night and can’t take photographs in light. In any case, this time, I figured out how to take photographs, albeit a ratty photograph to make spread for this post.


By and by, the dish is delectable — loaded with flavors. The crepes resemble crepes — – delicate and yummy. (I can have it all alone or better with a sauce.) Filling has flavors, herb and scarcely any green veggies to add more chomp to the dish. We as a whole love it!!!


You can make crepes player 24 hours ahead.

You can likewise make chicken and white sauce a day ahead. So in case you’re plan this as a side with a high protein principle course, you make these prep daily ahead and amass the dish a little before visitor will show up.

In the event that you make this dish ahead, you can likewise re-heat in stove or microwave before serving.

At last, I utilized broiler just to dissolve and sear my cheddar. Thus, on the off chance that you don’t have broiler simply liquefy cheddar by warming in microwave.



I favor every single green veggie for this dish yet you may include mushroom, corns , olives or white sauce. Obviously, you have to decrease different veggies and include your most loved once.

Cheddar is included just the top however on the off chance that need an extremely gooey crepes, include cream cheddar in filling too.

Exquisite Chicken Crepe Recipe

Planning Time

20 mins

Cook Time

30 mins

All out Time

50 mins

The crepes resemble crepes — – delicate and yummy. Filling has flavors, herb and hardly any green veggies to add more chomp to the dish. We as a whole love it!!!

Course: Dinner Recipes

Food: French, World


Watchword: Savory Chicken Crepe Recipe

Servings: 8 rolls


Make Crepes

1 ½ cup milk

1 cup flour

4 egg

3 tablespoon margarine

¼ teaspoon salt

oil to oil container

Make Chicken

400 grams boneless chicken

½ tablespoon ginger glue

½ tablespoon garlic glue

1 tablespoon green bean stew glue

½ cup water

1 tablespoon oil

Make white sauce


6 tablespoon oil

1 tablespoon garlic hacked

7 tablespoon plain flour

1 chicken 3D square

¼ teaspoon oregano powder

¼ teaspoon dark pepper powder

3½ cups milk


2 huge stalk green onions finely hacked

1 medium capsicum finely hacked

3-4 medium green chillies finely hacked (change chillies to taste or skip)

100 gram cheddar for fixing

¼ teaspoon dried oregano for embellish


Make Crepes

In a blender, first include milk. At that point include eggs, flour, spread and salt. Mix for a moment to make a smooth purée.

Keep the hitter in ice chest for 30 minutes to chill.

Warmth a non stick dish and oil it with hardly any drops of oil. At that point pour ⅓ cup of player over dish and cook for a minutes until edges turn dry and marginally brilliant. At that point flip the crepe and cook opposite side for few moments until you have scarcely any dark colored imprints. Expel the crepe from container and put in a safe spot.

Rehash with outstanding player to make around 10 crepes. Heap crepes one over the other and put in a safe spot.

Make Chicken


While player chills in ice chest, make chicken. Take chicken, ginger, garlic, green glue, salt water and oil in a dish. Blend well and spread. Cook for 20 minutes or until delicate.

Dry out any abundance water on high fire.

Make White Sauce

Warmth oil in a skillet and fry garlic for few moments.

At that point include flour, pepper, chicken 3D shape and oregano. Blend and cook for 2 minutes until fragrant on medium warmth.

Decrease warmth to slow and progressively include milk with steady blending. Cook for not many moment until fluid bubble and turns out to be thick. (Alter fire if necessary.)

Presently add chicken and all vegetables to white sauce. Blend well.

Take crepe in a plate and include about ½ cup filling in each crepe. Crease the top and base of crepe over filling. At that point crease the privilege and left to make a crepe roll. Correspondingly, gather remaining crepes.

Put each move on stove confirmation dish and sprinkle destroyed cheddar over it.

Spot in preheated broiler (350 F/160 C) for 7 minutes to warm. At that point sear the dish for 5 minutes until marginally brilliant.

Sprinkle dried oregano over the cheddar and present with tomato sauce.

Formula Notes

The formula will make around 8 Roll and you may have 2 additional crepes, appreciate additional crepes later with jam or nectar. Yum!



Make Crepes

These are elements of crepe hitter.

Mix crepes hitter

First pour milk in blender and afterward remaining fixings. Mix all into a purée.

crepes hitter is prepared.


The hitter is dainty. Keep player in ice chest to chill for 30 minutes.


Make Chicken

While player chills cook chicken. Blend oil, ginger, garlic and green bean stew glue in a dish.

cook chicken for crepes.

Blend well and spread the top. Cook for 20 minutes until chicken is delicate and water dries.

chicken is prepared.

Chicken is prepared.

Shred Chicken

Break chicken into little costs with a level spatula.



Make White Sauce

In another container warmth oil and fry garlic for a moment.

Make White Sauce

Additionally includes flour, oregano powder, chicken 3D square and pepper.

Fry everything.

Fry for a moment or two until fragrant.

Add milk to alfredo sauce.

Include 1 cup milk and blend well until their no protuberances. ( Turn off warmth if necessary. )

At that point include remaining milk and cook low warmth until sauce is thick.

Consistency of alfredo sauce.

White sauce is prepared.

Add veggies to Alfredo sauce.

Add chicken and vegetable to the white sauce.

Alfredo vegetable sauce is prepared.

Additionally include chillies.



Makes crepes.

Warmth a non stick dish, additionally oil it with hardly any drops of oil.

Flip crepes.

Pour about ⅓ cup of hitter and tilt the skillet from sides to side so player is equitably covered. Cook for 1 moment.

At the point when you see the edge of crepes drying and turning dim, flip it.

Crepe is prepared.

One side is cooked.

Accumulate crepes in a plate.

Move crepe to a plate. (So also, cook all crepes. )

Crease chicken alfredo crepes.

Pour about ½ cup filling on each crepe.

At that point crease the top and base edge.

Presently crease the sides and roll.

Put every one of the crepes in preparing dish.

Spot each move in a dish.

Spread destroyed cheddar on crepes.

Sprinkle cheddar on the top.

Exquisite Chicken Crepes formula

Cook the cheddar in the stove until liquefied.

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