Best Spicy Aloo Gosht Recipe

This is great winter comfort nourishment – it’s anything but difficult to put together and will make the house smell superb as it stews, and the warm flavors make it an invite option in contrast to American hamburger stew. It’s not actually a weeknight dish since it needs to stew for a piece, yet I’ll frequently make a pot on the end of the week since it’s shockingly better throughout the following couple days. Don’t hesitate to toss in some additional veggies like carrots or slashed spinachLiterally named for the primary two fixings in this salan, which are aloo (potatoes) and gosht (meat), aloo gosht is a curry that is most likely made in each pakistani family unit once every week or possibly more.


Actually, it is presumably the most continuous response to the most troublesome inquiry of all – ‘aaj kia pakayein?’

Can’t make sense of what to make for supper. How about we make aloo gosht.

Off the cuff visitors turning up for supper. How about we make aloo gosht.

A few people call it aloo gosht while others call it aloo gosht ka salan; salan being what could be compared to sauce. The meat utilized is typically sheep (goat meat) however can likewise be hamburger, sheep or chicken. It is a basic dish to make utilizing fixings that will consistently be found in a Pakistani wash room, and adored by everybody. Indeed, even me, who infrequently eat lamb (goat meat) . What I would do is disregard the meat and simply eat the potatoes which become so flavourful in the wake of engrossing each one of those meat juices.

Around 10 years or so prior we had definitely decreased the measure of red meat utilization in our family unit because of wellbeing concerns bringing about my mom supplanting hamburger/sheep with chicken in our ordinary Pakistani curries. That obviously came about in aloo gosht transforming into aloo chicken. In spite of the fact that it tastes great and I cheerfully eat the chicken, the potatoes simply don’t have that rich substantial flavor that originates from utilizing meat.

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There are numerous forms for this customary formula; a few people favor a gharha salan (thick salan) and some lean toward a slender salan, like shorba (whatsoup). Some utilization yogurt, others use garam masala however either ways the outcome is continually consoling.

The formula I pursue is my mom’s since that is the thing that I grew up eating. Start off with searing off the onions, at that point mixing them with water to make a thick glue. Fry off the onion glue, include the ginger garlic glue, meat and flavors. Start bhonofying – caramelize the meat, and let the flavors do something amazing. Include the tomatoes and cook till they relax.

At that point simply include potatoes, and water. Put the meat on stew, and overlook it about it for an hour till the meat is delicate. Or on the other hand you could utilize a weight cooker, and have aloo gosht prepared in a short time. Whatever technique you use, the final product will be delicious!


0.5 cup oil

1 huge onion, cleaved finely

5 cloves garlic, minced

1 inch ginger, minced

2 little tomatoes. cleaved generally


500 grams sheep, bone in

300 grams potatoes, stripped and cleaved into lumps

1 tsp salt, or to taste

2 tsp coriander powder

2 tsp cumin powder

1 tsp red bean stew powder

0.5 tsp turmeric

new coriander, for decorate


Slash and absorb the potatoes a bowl of water. The drenching will help expel a portion of the starches from the potato and counteract the shorba turning out to be gloopy the following day.

Warmth oil in a pot. Include onions, garlic and ginger and fry on medium-low, blending at times till brilliant dark colored and consuming around the edges. The browner the onions get, the more profound the shade of the shorba. This will take around 15 minutes


Include the slashed tomatoes, 3/4 cup of water and every one of the flavors. Heat to the point of boiling and afterward cover and cook on low for about 30 minutes, till the water has decreased altogether Once or twice, reveal and mix the blend enthusiastically, crushing the tomatoes and onions.

When the greater part of the water has evaporated, reveal and turn the warmth up to high and start to pound the blend vivaciously till the blend appears to meet up in a dry cluster and the oil starts to seperate from the sides.

Include the sheep. Enable the sheep to darker in the blend, mixing to abstain from consuming, around 5 minutes.

When the sheep has turned a light darker shade and not any more pink shading remains, include 4 cups of bubbling water. Heat to the point of boiling and afterward lower to the most reduced warmth and spread.

After around 1hour, expel the potatoes from their water and add to the sheep. Keep on cooking until the potatoes have cooked, about 30 minutes.

Topping with cleaved new coriander (discretionary)

Formula Notes

On the off chance that at stage 4, you find that there are still pieces of onions and tomatoes left, you can move the blend to a nourishment processor and heartbeat till 90% smooth.

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