Halwa Poori Recipe

So lets talk about Halwa next. I like halwas generally fudge in English however since the greater part of them take a ton of time bhoono mixing, I constantly back down. In any case, this one is uncommon. It is set up in a jiffy and is match made in paradise for pooris. I am including part of tips in the formula card so you can accomplish conventional look and taste.



I prescribe making poori aata atleast an hour ahead, secured with a moist fabric in a case so it doesn’t get dry. You can even do it a night prior to you need to serve.

At the point when your visitors are expected to show up, you can make little balls/pairay and keep them secured again with moist material and in a container.

Your wok ought to be prepared with oil filled to practically half check.

Woks with an adjusted base appears to work better and give expected space to pooris to lighten up.


Take oil in a container, put semolina and fry at low fire till it gets dark colored and fragrant. Expel the dish from stove and mix it till the blend chills off a piece. Than add water and sugar to this blend and again put skillet on stove, while mixing incidentally, cook at low warmth till it is cooked. Put in a serving bowl, embellish with . (Take sugar, semolina and oil in equivalent amounts and water multiple times as any of outstanding fixings.)

I have not explored different avenues regarding solidifying the turned out pooris or mixture so far yet I am wanting to do. So might be you wanna rebound following a month or somewhere in the vicinity and check in the event that I have refreshed the post.

You can turn out pooris and lay them on enormous plate however again on the off chance that they climate is excessively dry, they will get dry and in the event that it is too muggy they may turn out to be too delicate to even consider handling. So you can explore if that works for you.

Tarkari is simple as is yet on the off chance that you are serving toward the beginning of the day or following day, you can put all fixings in a sauce dish/pot and refrigerate till required. It just takes 20 mins for the potatoes to get delicate so plan appropriately.

Halwa can be made ahead too and simply should be microwaved/warmed preceding serving.



FIrst start off with your potato curry. Strip and wash your potatoes. In a pot of salted virus water, add the potato and heat to the point of boiling. Freely spread with a top.

Meanwhile, prep all you fixings. Slash up your onions, garlic, ginger, cilantro, tomatoes for your potato curry and chickpeas curry (chole).

When potato is finished bubbling (is delicate when pricked with a fork), channel it and cut into reduced down pieces.

Include your oil and margarine in a search for gold potato curry and include your onions and green chilie. Enable them to get translucent. At that point include your slashed bubbled potato, ginger, garlic, flavors, and salt.

In your two tablespoons of water, include your dried methi (fenugreek). Join and add to your curry. The water will help everything meet up.

Include your peas. Enable the peas to heat up. Trimming with hacked cilantro and a couple of presses of lime juice.

Presently take a shot at your chole. Channel and wash you jar of chickpeas.

Get another dish of oil hot. Include your mustard seeds. When they start popping, include your onions and chillie and let them delicately caramelize. At that point include your chickpeas, salt, and flavors.


Include your tomatoes with a 1/4 cup of water and heat to the point of boiling and afterward stew for around 20 minutes or somewhere in the vicinity.

Taste and modify seasonings. Enhancement with cilantro.

Presently take a shot at your halwa. Mesh your carrots (around 3-4) in a nourishment processor or with a boxed grater.

Add your vegetable oil to a little pot or container. Include your nuts and enable them to toast. When dark colored, expel from container and onto a little bowl or saucer.

Presently Add in the coconut oil and carrots. Enable carrots to cook down.

Presently include your improved dense milk. Mix around. Finally, include a touch of salt and cardamom. When done, turn off the warmth and put the nuts over the halwa.

Presently for the dahi. Blend your yogurt, salt, and water together until it turns into an even consistency and there are no irregularities.

Turn a little pot with your oil on high warmth.

Include your mustard seeds and cumin seeds. Enable them to get fragrant and toasted. The mustard seeds will start to pop. This should take 1-2 minutes. At that point include your curry leaves and dried chilie. Following 30 seconds, expel from warmth and drop legitimately into yogurt. Be mindful so as not to consume yourself!


At long last, time to take a shot at the puris! Join flour, yogurt, spread, salt together. On the off chance that you don’t care for your puris to be flaky and rich, at that point forget about the margarine! (However, I like to include it since I think it makes them extra scrumptious!) Slowly include a smidgen of water at the time. You may not wind up requiring all the water or you may wind up requiring more. That is alright! Simply go at it gradually until it meets up into a ball.

Give it a chance to sit for 15-20 minutes. (In the event that you need you can temper the dahi at this progression rather, so you are not simply staying there pausing.)

Partition the batter into 12 balls. (The most effortless approach to do this, is to partition the bundle of mixture down the middle, at that point each sign into 3 then each ball again fifty-fifty.) With a floured board and moving pin, fold the puris into hovers around 6 crawls in breadth. They ought to be slender however not paper dainty.


While revealing your puris, get a wok or pot with a substantial base loaded up with your oil. Enable it to get decent and hot.

Gradually drop the puri into the oil. Similarly as they are going to rise, take your opened spoon and proceed to the side of the puri. It will start to puff up.

Flip the puri to the opposite side and cook until the two sides have turned a dazzling light brilliant dark colored.

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