Ice Cream And Milk Recipe

Bit by bit video instructional exercise of Ice Cream And Milk Bread Dessert Recipe.

The formula was shared by a sort and sweet companion. This is too basic and snappy formula. What is the best part, nobody can disclose to it’s bread. Goodness, it possess a flavor like cake.

Tips for varieties.


You may utilize any kind of frozen yogurt, vanilla works best , however you can attempt chocolate or butterscotch or strawberry as well.

The more extravagant your frozen yogurt, the more extravagant will be the sweet so go for good quality dessert.

The bread I utilized is milk bread and has somewhat sweet taste.

I’ve shared formula of simple chocolate sauce yet you can make any chocolate sauce or even instant chocolate sauce is great to spare time.

I’ve serve the dish in the wake of chilling for 30 minutes in instructional exercise , so you can do likewise if in rush.

You can serve this pastry immediately if utilizing instant chocolate sauce. So advantageous for One Dish Party and to serve surprising visitors.

I discovered keeping the sweet in refrigerator over night assists bread with engrossing all fluids and the dish increasingly set to serve. I recommend serve it chill and you can consider keeping it in cooler one hour before serving.


On the off chance that enhancement with cornflakes just before serving or they’ll get soaked. I propose nuts like broiled almond and pecan taste superior to cornflakes.

Step by step instructions to make Ice Cream And Milk Bread Dessert Recipe

Frozen yogurt and Milk Bread Dessert Recipe

Planning Time: 15 mins

Cook Time: 7 mins

Chilling time: 2 hrs

Absolute Time: 22 mins

This is a straightforward and fast treat to make all the difference. Trimming with nuts of your decision.

Course: Dessert

Cuisine: World


Keyword: Icecream and bread dessert, frozen yogurt sandwich dessert, fast pastry

Servings: 8 servings

Calories: 325 kcal


For rolls

1 small milk bread (meetha bread)

1 litre vanilla frozen yogurt

½ cream

For Chocolate Sauce

100 grams butter

5 tablespoon cocoa powder

¾ cup sugar

2 eggs


Almond walnut or cornflakes



Expel the sides of milk bread and level it with the assistance of moving pin. (Around 9-10 breads cuts are required.)

Cut the vanilla frozen yogurt into bars and put each bar on the straightened bread cuts. Move bread around cuts and press the closures to verify.

Presently cut every frozen yogurt bread sign into cuts and spread in 7×7 inch dish. Correspondingly, make another layer.

Combine remaining frozen yogurt and cream and pour over the moved cuts. Stop until required.

For chocolate sauce

Blend all elements of chocolate sauce very well until smooth. At that point cooks the sauce for around seven minutes on extremely low fire.

Give the sauce a chance to cool to room temperature than poor over dish.

Chill the dish for two hour in cooler or refrigerate medium-term for best outcomes.

Just before serving trim with nuts or cornflakes. Serve chilled.

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